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Just a Little Stardust

for those hard-to-reach fairy tales

9 March 1991
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Gosh, I'm awful at these... Ok, I'm gonna try and give you just enough info!

My name is Teya, I'm 19-going-on-20, and I love to write. I actually really want to be an editor, so if you need a beta, shoot off an e-mail sometime, I'd love to help!

I also love to sing, although it's not my main goal in life, sadly. Although I'm relatively decent at it, I just don't have the determination or strength to claw my way into that business.

I have a strange addiction to boys in Hogwarts-style clothing. Especially Slytherin ties. Mmm... Speaking of which, however, fanfiction is a really great love of mine and that's mostly what my journal is for! =]